Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enlightenment Then Integrity

This is my new life motto - Enlightenment Followed by Integrity.

It is clear to me that a life filled with these two components is what I am striving for. In any situation that I can think of, I want to be aware and learning (the enlightenment part) and then, I want to use what I learn to act with power and truth (the integrity part).

For example, I am processing what it means to be the Mother of a Kindergartener right now. There are many, many changes for Lucas, myself and our family. I have been bringing my thoughts and feelings to the foreground when I have a moment and I am sorting through them. I am seeking to understand what I feel and why I feel it.

As I draw out the emotions and thoughts and allow them room to breathe and grow, I inevitably reach some understanding about them. For example, I understand that even though this transition is hard, it is perfect for Lucas. He is precisely where he needs to be. Now that I have a deep-down understanding of that truth, I can act accordingly. And I expect myself too. One thing I will not tolerate in my life is self-deception.

I know Lucas can do this, I know I can do this.... my actions support that truth. I can breath deeply and freely through any anxiety I may have because I know the anxiety does not support that truth I've discovered. The anxiety can be dismissed as hype and drama. I can move on to the business of supporting and loving Lucas. Enlightenment, then Integrity.

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