Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lucas catch up

For some reason, Lucas' blog over at Wordpress isn't allowing me to post. I didn't want to lose track so thought I would post some of his life's happenings here in the meantime.

Five is such a fabulous age. I suspect he is just on the cusp of being influenced heavily by friends and the world at large, but for this summer, his world is still quite small. He has no reason to consider what is cool or what is for babies. There is no reason to want to play with guns and smash-em-up cars. We don't have to talk about killing or kissing yet (isn't it ironic that those things arrive in kid's lives around the same time?)

He is establishing what "Lucas" believes and thinks without the constant voice of some cool friend or too much advertising. He still likes the kid's channel that is commercial free yet I notice if he does catch sight of some advertising somewhere, he is certain to ask for the wonderful item.

Of course, knowing Lucas as I do, his sweetness is not likely to be absorbed by his environment completely. I hope that his love of "hoppa hugs" and kisses remains constant. I will understand if he would rather not give me a kiss in front of friends soon, but I am hopeful the kisses will still come.

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