Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cells, Heart, Breath

Dear Lucas and Mya,

First you were cells. Then a heart flutter and then you drew your first breath. These three things - cells, heart and breath - they are who you are. They are what make you miraculous and worthy.

I see you as a bright orb of pure, clean light and I love you unconditionally. I love you in a deep, centered way simply because you are you. When your cells multiplied, it was in me. When your heart fluttered, I felt it inside. When you took your first breath, it was while still connected to me. Because you came from me, my love for you is abiding and unassailable.

Anything you experience in your life beyond your core is actually just "stuff". I know that you will encounter painful things. You may feel grief, pain, betrayal, self-loathing and doubt. I want you to understand that these experiences cannot alter your cells, your breath or your heart. Those things that compose your beautiful central self are unalterable by circumstances. Because you live and breath, you are my miracle. Your words and deeds actually matter little to my love for you. That's what unconditional love is.

When you are handed trauma or crisis, I want you to feel it, live it and then move beyond it by finding your power and the lessons buried within the crisis. Your power will rise when you return to your cells, your heart and your breath.

If mishandled, pain and defeat has the ability to create a black, brittle shell around your core light. If you turn to self-hatred and victimization, you risk forgetting your light.

But, the wonderful thing is that your light is there all the time. If you allow it, it may get dimmed by other people or by your own choices, but when you are ready you can break away the brittle exterior shell and allow it to glisten once again. May you never succeed at diffusing your light. May life protect you from those things that threaten to camouflage your greatness.

Cells, heart, breath - you are my love and my light.

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