Saturday, May 30, 2009

Becoming Americanized

Nine years is a long time to live in a country. I don't feel fully American, but I can certainly detect some changes that indicate I'm being absorbed.

I notice that I say "Please" a lot less now. For example, in a restaurant, I might ask for a new fork and when I ask, I say "Can I get a fresh fork?" and then as the server walks away, I wonder where the "please" went?

I can hear the word "house" coming out of my mouth with a Canadian accent. It is beginning to sound very, very obvious and I could never hear it when I was in Canada.

Once, last year, I actually used "might could". I kind of stumbled over it as I heard it come out of my mouth, yet I couldn't readjust in time to stop it! Lucas had asked if we were going somewhere and I replied "We might....could". Gasp!!!

Because becoming a Mother has coincided with moving to the US, I'm not sure which change has contributed to my becoming much more willing to fight for what is right. I suspect both changes have caused the change. I used to be very unwilling to speak up or confront someone when it was called for and now I feel very few qualms about making a situation right. I try not to be rude about it, but I won't walk away anymore either.

Having been in the US for almost a decade has taught me so much about the two cultures. I have a very strong respect for each nation's strengths and appreciate both. However, I can also see the weaknesses in each system and hope that I can take the best from each and incorporate them into my life as a Canuck living in the Deep South.


Maria said...

Actually, you are becoming southernized. "Might could" in a sentence can only be found in the South.............the glorious South. When you utter the phrase "fixin to go to....", the transformation will be final. So, it has been nine years already. Glad to know you are still in the neighborhood.

Catherine said...

Also, if I go to have my picture "made" I know I will be fully assimilated.