Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Labyrinth

Have you ever noticed that the same type of lesson arrives time and time again? It's like "Groundhog Day" sometimes when I realize that I have been in this dilemma before, facing this problem again, feeling a recognizable pain.

I think you can look at the recurrence of a lesson one of two ways. You can feel failure and exasperation that nothing has changed. You can even fail to recognize the similarities to past experiences. You may also delve into the frustration and turn to self-loathing.


You can be an ogre. "Ogres are like onions, donkey". They have layers. If the onion imagery doesn't do it for you, maybe a labyrinth will.

I see my life as one huge labyrinth. I circle around and around, passing the same places, meeting similar people and I might mistake the locations as one and the same. The scenery is similar with each pass, but, the key is, I am further in. I have traveled to a deeper understanding and I am ready for the next layer of learning.

A good example of my meaning is that I have this thing for 1st born sons. My Dad is a first born son - he was my first pass around the labyrinth. My brother is a first born son. My husband is a first born son. My son is a first born son. Both of my siblings have first born sons. Personally, I believe that birth order and gender contribute certain things to a person's being. So, you can see that I am to learn how to interact with men and boys who arrive in their families first.

So, when I am frustrated or confused by Craig or Lucas I must remember that I am merely learning more. I am not stuck or stupid. I am learning in a deeper and more meaningful way. Perhaps if I lift my eyes from the path for fear of stumbling, I might notice the beauty surrounding me and congratulate myself for my progress forward.

PS - The photo above, used with permission, is a nearby labyrinth in a beautiful Yurt Garden that I visit often -

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