Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dr. Brene Brown has me thinking about vulnerability. In her TED talk, she shares her views on vulnerability being the key to being wholehearted.  As I experience my husband's recent job loss with a pending move out of state or country, I am processing a lot of fear and anxiety.  But (and this is a big but), I am gradually coming to a feeling of vulnerability which is normal, to be expected and, in fact, even welcome. 

Dr. Brown wisely says "you cannot selectively numb" and if you choose to turn off the fear, anxiety and negative emotion, you also shut down happiness, joy and creativity. 

What I see in the current turmoil and uncertainty in my own life is the absolute necessity of discomfort and agitation.  But, when I realize I am only feeling vulnerable (and rightly so), I calm right down.  I don't need to sit with the fear, but I do choose to remain open and vulnerable.  I choose that so I can live my life experiencing all parts of the emotional spectrum.  Because I experience uncertainty, I'm also available for the joy and bliss too.  Now, that feels better.

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Maria said...

A concept certainly worth consideration - "you cannot selectively numb" undesirable emotions, without running the risk of not fully living in the emotional states of joy and happiness.