Friday, October 15, 2010

What I'm Looking For

It should come as no surprise that Craig's Ireland job mess is causing us to re-evaluate our future. To get some clarity, I made a list of all the things, large and small, that I value for our family's location. I'm curious - would your own list be radically different? Have I missed anything significant?

low crime - feel safe
excellent education k thru 12
natural beauty
outdoor living and rooms are possible
diversity of cultures
good, health-conscious food in stores and restaurants
religious tolerance
liberal beliefs
environmental respect
other immigrants
driving distance to Alberta
easy access to post-secondary for all of us
potential for coaching/speaking growth
harmless wildlife that can't kill you or your pets
strong economy that is growing
financial security - high wages
low cost of living to meet our cheapskate needs
no extreme heat
not much snow
low humidity but not burning dry
free from natural disasters
kind neighbors and friends
close friendships are possible
exercise/outdoor lifestyle
ability to garden and work in yard
happy pets
low pollution
easy driving - all we need in a short distance
a walking lifestyle to shop/eat/play
low maintenance house (2000-2500 sq ft - 2 living areas, fireplace, 4 bedrooms 2
car garage, private yard)
integrity in the businesses we work with/for
access to the arts - concerts, books, art, performance
no keeping up with the jones' folks around
staycations make us happy
media with an international perspective
a good airport but we're not under the flight paths :)

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