Saturday, June 19, 2010

Death to Books?

Love, love, love my eReader. I suspected I would like it, but I wasn't prepared for how great it is.

I just finished a 700 page book on it and noticed several advantages. For the first time since we bought the elliptical, I exercised with both hands on the moving handles. For several years, I could be seen sweating away with one hand on a handle while the other held open my book.

As I mentioned, the book I just finished was 700 pages. Not the type of conventional book you can hold in one hand. Mya pounced on my lap and I merely shifted my hand out to my side and continued reading while she performed acrobatics.

In this instance I bought a $20-25 book for 9.99.

Drawbacks? I wasn't prepared for the ending of my book. With a physical book, your right hand can "feel" when you are approaching the end.

I knew I was on page 694 but I didn't realize that there were five pages of acknowledgements etc. It was like walking off a cliff - what? that's it? I had to go back and read the final dinner scene with the knowledge it was the closing scene.

I don't think I'll stop reading real books. I think they are important. In fact, I may make books my go-to gift so I can support their survival.

But, I am ready and willing to embrace this technology. It saves money, it saves trees, it is easier in many, many ways and reading makes me happy no matter what the venue. I am way too big a geek to ignore this coolness!

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