Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fools!

Lucas' school has a policy that "homemade" goodies are not allowed due to allergies and these fake sushi almost didn't see the light of day. Craig got some grief from the secretary at the school when he set these delights on the counter. "The principal will have to approve these," she said skeptically.

Craig phoned me immediately and alerted me to the sushi crisis. At first I was ticked... stupid rules! I knew there were peanut allergies and red-dye allergies in Lucas' class and I had even prepared separate, safe treats for those kids.

Then, I realized that the way to handle this was to respect the principal, the secretary and the rules. I have a good friend who deals with others' frequent dismissal of her son's peanut allergy and my nephew also has multiple allergies.

I realized quickly that I do NOT want to be the mother who triggers a child's attack.

I dug in the garbage for the labels of the goodies I had used. I counted all the fruit-by-the-foot and realized I had enough of these individually packaged treats to be a back-up snack if necessary and I headed for the school.

I raced in, short of time, and declared I had ingredients lists and an alternate treat if need be. By the time I got there though, the principal had already approved the treats, seeing that I had not cooked these in any way and I had allowed for allergies. The secretary said "thanks for understanding," and I assured her that I did.

Lots of people I meet feel that childrens' allergies are all a lot of hooey. They feel the school systems are making a big deal out of nothing. They are offended that they can't enjoy pb&j any time they want. I am not in that party.

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