Monday, March 29, 2010

Has to be Complete to Start

Huh? I know such a statement is not logical, yet it holds truth for me.

Let me clarify. One of the lingering remnants of my younger ferocious perfectionism is this... something has to be finished perfectly in my mind before I can begin.

Imagine how many things I am unable to begin because I cannot see my way through to a "perfect" ending. Crazyness!

I noticed it here tonight when I put my hands on the keyboard to finally post an entry.

Because I didn't yet have a perfectly prepared entry, I just about put away the netbook.

As with many of my less-than-helpful instincts, I am learning to notice them, consider them and then, if I deem it best for me, ignore them.

I'm not interested in eliminating all of my crazy-making habits. What I'm committed to doing is to just let them slide off my back. No need to allow them space in my world.

See? It works. I didn't want to write this entry due to my lack of a vision. I ignored the silly voice and got on with it.

It may not be perfect, but at least I moved on it. I'm no longer stuck and that feels great.

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