Friday, March 5, 2010

Technology is Evil?

I type at a computer on my kitchen counter, I have a netbook humming right behind it, Spongebob Squarepants Fists of Foam serenades me on the didj from around the corner. Overhead, a projector and laptop balance on a log beam. I can hear our other desktop running upstairs too. Wonder if Craig is checking email in bed on his netbook - it's almost time to go. Hope he remembers to pick up his work latptop by the door. Is my pda charged? I am surrounded, inundated, immersed. I love it.

I try to hate technology and go all Luddite. I do not have an iPhone for example. I think the rejection of technology is what I "should" do. Everyone knows it stunts children's mental capacities, it is unhealthy to stare at a screen all day, it injures our bodies (think carpal tunnel) and it limits our social capabilities.
Gosh, it eats up our money to be first-adopters! Don't get me started on the arena it provides for predators and perversion via the web.

Yep, it does all that. Yet, in all it's borderline edginess and badness, I still love it.

Technology is fun. It is is efficient. It helps me in my life every single day. I love discovering something new. I love being in control. I love being connected. I feel so special when my inbox is bolded.

I feel as though I should whisper my adoration though. It is the mature and responsible thing to limit exposure to the computer, the wii, the psp. "Computers shut us down," I have been warned.

I hear many people complain, "I don't have time for facebook," and I marvel at their rejection of something so special. Maybe I'm a geek (okay, no maybe about it) but facebook has been a spectacular gift for this Canadian living thousands of miles away from loved ones. I just read my nephew has his first girlfriend and, since he posted it knowing even old Aunties are on his friends list, I feel as though he just shared it personally with me :)

I have blogged about thousands of special moments in my children's lives since they were only weeks old. Those blogs will be their histories. Those blogs have allowed long-distance relatives to know something of my children. Those blogs have made me a better parent as I sorted through my thoughts and feelings to share.

I can skype my sister-in-law in her beautiful Cape Town home and see my niece and nephew running around in back. Yoko Ono follows me on twitter - how cool is that?

Try as I might, I just can't work up a hate for technology. I have given thought to our Family's Technology Plan to stay responsible though. We will not go broke purchasing items, we will get dressed and our teeth brushed before games are allowed (but maybe not on weekends), homework will always be done first, we will learn proper nettiquette and send e-thank you's for all the gifts and support we receive. We will speak nicely on skype.

I even tried to aim for "balance" but had to nix that idea. It would be a lie to say we are balanced about technology in this home. Who am I kidding? We are technology nuts but we are nice, responsible nuts too.

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