Friday, March 12, 2010

How Does Your Brain Work?

I remember realizing as a little kid that the blue I see may not resemble the blue that you see. We've just agreed to call a thing "blue" and reached agreement on that. What if you could see my blue and discover it actually resembles the thing you refer to as yellow? Good thing this isn't possible or it could all get very confusing!

One of the best conversations Craig and I had in our early marriage was about how we think. Lo and behold, we do not think alike. My thoughts flow almost like actual writing. I think in words, sentences, phrases and I often visualize these in my mind as if on paper or on a screen. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Craig doesn't think like me. He works much more on feelings, impressions and ideas that don't necessarily take a clear form of communication.

I was asking a song writer the other day how she hears the melodies in her head and I was fascinated by her response "I don't know". How can that be? How can melodies and lyrics arrive without her awareness of medium? Love it!

What becomes vital as I move about my world is the realization and acceptance that others do not think like me. They do not have the same thoughts, nor do they come up with thoughts using the same approach.

If I can live my life allowing for the fact that your blue may differ from mine and your thoughts about blue may not move around your brain in the same fashion, wouldn't it be a different world?

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