Thursday, January 14, 2010

Under a Schleprock Cloud

Ever heard of Schleprock? He was a pathetic little character on the Flinstones in the 70's that was plagued by bad luck. Apparently his energy has found Keel Mtn in 2010.

Can it really be true that bad luck comes in 3's? I'm not superstitious for the most part, but I am kind of relying on the idea that a fourth Schleprock moment won't visit us.

1) Craig's car was in the ditch with a broken rear axle waiting to be towed, the temperatures were low and we are anticipating the costs of repair. Not an ideal weekend.

2) Then, it just kept going. Our pipes in the laundry room burst around 5pm Sunday and, luckily, Craig and I were both home and could handle the clean up quickly. I emptied about four 5 gallon pails from my shop vac. Craig headed to Lowes and did a quick repair so we could turn our water back on in the hopes of avoiding even more frozen pipes.

3) All last week, since helping Craig with some fiberglass, my eyes had been bothering me. By the weekend, they were red, swollen and itching like mad. (I suspect a condition called blepharitis). Having lived through Pupps while pregnant (a hive-like itching condition) I am not a big fan of itchiness. In fact, I think they should inflict poison ivy on prisoners as a form of torture. Also, as an insult to my vanity, when I wake up I look like a basset hound. One of the cones might be just the thing come to think of it.

There, vent over. Back to the original idea that has me curious. What is it in the universe that tends to bring bad luck around in waves?

Even more importantly, what are some methods I can use to stop the deluge? I have determined that the best thing for me is to sit still and take care of myself. My urge is to get busy and take control in some futile attempt to exert control over the uncontrollable.

I'm certain there are lessons galore in this for me. Patience, acceptance, self-care, flexibility, adaptability.

If you missed my last post, you might like to read it for a chuckle. I asked for it didn't I?

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