Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

Last Saturday, my brother was here on a visit from Angola/South Africa and we were discussing our childhood home. "Do you miss it?" he asked.

I miss people who are tactful, open minded, worldly and love education. I miss the respect for the land that Canadians have. I I miss characters like Stompin' Tom Connors who had a concert on our Canadian satellite which triggered this conversation.

Interestingly, when asked what I missed, I thought of the people, the culture, the mindset. My brother thought primarily of the environment, locations and geography.

I realize that now I've been away so long I'm not really in touch with what is happening in Alberta, but that certainly doesn't negate my "belonging" in Canada. My thoughts are with everyone as Canada celebrates - I hope everyone there realizes the value of their special land. It's quite easy to see from across the border.

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Maria said...

I am not Canadian, and even after living in the South for all of my adult life, I still find myself an outsider in many respects. If it weren't for the climate, I think I would be better suited for New England.