Friday, July 10, 2009

3 Amazing Things

A friend and I have been emailing our most amazing things daily for the past few weeks and I am loving the process. Here are mine for today ....

1) A sense of history in this community - we visited Old McDonald's Petting Zoo today and the woman was thrilled to see us again. We went there with just Lucas, then we had Lucas' 3rd bday there when Mya was just weeks old and here we were racing around like big kids today.

2) I couldn't get the kids to leave the library today because they wanted to be read book after book - now, that's the kind of problem I want to have!

3) Lucas was showing quite a bit of defiance and anger today. I am actually grateful for this display of strength because ordinarily it is his way to cave and whine and regress. This new way of responding shows some toughness that I think will serve him well. Mya is a powerhouse so I am grateful to see Lucas stand up for himself. Glad I can see some positive points instead of just getting frustrated with him :)

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