Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Can't Believe What I Believe

I do more self-analysis than the average bear, yet I still uncover some startling beliefs. "I Can't Believe What I Believe" sounds like an excellent book title don't you think?

Recently, I've been talking to women who are hesitant to reward themselves and "go big". That led to an interesting conversation about how the Puritan Work Ethic has guided our lives. Like most things, there are both advantages and disadvantages to such a principle. But, I was particularly intrigued by the limitations of this approach. As I said, I was startled by how often the negative perspective showed up in my life.

"I believe that one should work hard, without complaining, as a path to self-worth. One should be long-suffering and down trodden and simply "make do". It is shallow and superficial to seek riches and rewards and praise. It is wrong to be noticeable or prideful. " I'm sure there is much more to this and I plan to continue to mull it over so I can uncover every last crazy belief.

What's alarming to me is that I was making choices based on these hidden beliefs. I Can't Believe What I Believe. I know that it is not logical and I dislike that I have been blindly following a belief system that I have not questioned.

Would I like to build a life of power and strength? One that aims for unlimited wealth and prosperity? Heck ya - and I plan to do so without apology. I accept the strong work ethic that I learned, but I reject the self-judgment and strict limitations that go along with it.

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