Monday, November 10, 2008

The Crazy Workings of My Racing Mind

I have been part of the blogging phenomenon for a few years, but have yet to create a space that is just mine. Both of my kids have blogs that track their infancy, their toddlerhood and beyond. Neither one is really a Mommy blog - more like a virtual baby book. I've compiled many milestones and memories, but there's not much of my own exploration going on.

A friend of mine recently caught up on my blogs and said, "I know how the kids are, now how are you?". Her comment has been rattling around in my head for a while and inspired me to launch Thinking Allowed. I realize that, very rarely, have I painted myself into the picture of Mya's and Lucas' blogs.

I'm a little nervous to launch my own blog without the safety screen of my kids and that nervousness is the best reason I can think of to go ahead. I'm also a little apprehensive to be so ego-driven, so self-centered. Again, an excellent reason to launch.

I figure if I'm uneasy about anything in my life, that just points the way to my starting point. Someone told me once that the best goals are the ones that are uncomfortable - the ones you have to stretch toward and the ones that challenge your existing beliefs.

This will be a place to explore the crazy workings of my racing mind. A place for introspection to turn outward - is the word for that extrospection? A place for my internal dialogue to go external. Is that just a way to say I'll be talking to myself? Please comment often so I don't look like a crazy lady muttering to myself.


roxannedicke said...

I am with you my wonderful, amazing and brave friend! I know you will discover much here as I am sure many others (including me) will as well.

Vicky McGrath said...

Congrats on your new blog site! I hope it is as insightful to you as it will be a great learning experience for me. Thank you for all your emotional honesty and candidness. Most of all, enjoy the journey.....