Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Full time single Parent

Without my prior knowledge or consent, I have become a single, full-time parent.

What started out as a three week business trip has morphed into something else altogether. Craig is still in Ireland with no firm plans to return any time soon. Surely they can't keep him into October can they? Four months?

If you've spoken with me recently, you've probably heard all this before, but what good is a blog if you can't use it to rant about your own personal annoyances.

How can a company expect someone to sacrifice this much time away from loved ones? It is a helpless feeling to have no control over decisions about our family's immediate future.

The silver lining? I guess the whole cliche that absence makes the heart grow fonder - it's true. The excellent perspective it gives Craig and I - our family is fabulous and we belong together forever. It makes me extremely committed to making choices that serve our family well .... if at all possible we will not find ourselves at the mercy of some cold corporation again.

I did get a fabulous trip to Ireland (plane tickets at our own personal expense mind you) and there are worse places in the world to be stuck.

But, none of these up-sides even begin to compensate for the cost to all four of us. Lucas often lays on the floor when exhausted and cries "I want my Daddy....". Tell me, big international corporation, how can it be right to keep a Daddy away without warning for over 3 months?


Anonymous said...

Heh, now you know where I've been. Last year 'a big international company' kept 'our daddy' away for almost a whole year. He only got a home trip payed every three or four weeks for a longer weekend - just enough to mess up the kid's schedule and everything on the home front. 6 months in Canada and the rest everywhere possible within the country. I feel for you - been there, done that, actually pretty much more or less for the past three years.

Catherine said...

Not an easy life - don't know how you've done it so long! I'm on month three and it's driving me crazy. My issue has a lot to do with managing my expectations - I didn't expect him to be gone more than three or four weeks. Now I have to constantly readjust what I "expect". Best thing is likely to stop expecting but I hate that too - so much the victim, as if "they can just keep doing this and doing this to my family".