Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeling Follows Declaration

I know that if I say something often enough, it will become so.

For that reason, I use the idea of "mantras" a lot in my life. Likely it is because I place so much weight on words. When I find just the right words to capture a goal, a vision or a desire, I latch onto them and repeat them as if my life depends on it.

In the case of my health, my life does depend on it. This is where I started my quest for healthy living on Labour Day 2008.

Since that time, I have succeeded at losing over 20 pounds and am almost ready to enter the maintenance phase. The words I have used in my internal dialogue have been the key.

When I say things like - I choose life. My body is healthy and vital. I am a woman of strength and stamina - I am on the right track. Even if I don't believe them fully at the time, my stating them as truth allows the feeling to follow the declaration. Sure enough, with enough repetition and conviction, my feelings follow my declarations.

If my phrasing becomes more about running away from something negative versus being drawn toward something powerful, I am not on the right track. Mantras like - I must weigh x. I will not be fat. I look terrible and have to do something about it. I will defeat this. I will not fail - keep me in fear. Hard to live a healthy and vital life when riddled with fear.

Nothing in this approach is rocket science, nor is it even all that fresh. I simply share it because it works for me.

Watching my friend with a chronically-ill little boy has pumped up my conviction that all that matters in this life is our health and our love. If you pretend that healthy life choices can wait, or that you cannot succeed, may I gently point out that you are wrong.

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