Friday, November 20, 2009

2010 - Tarry a While

Before the beginning of each new year, I give some thought to how I want the year to look. I don't know my theme for 2010 yet.

Here are some possibilities....authenticity? quest? power? health? strength? love? living fully? healing? enrichment? enlightenment? truth?

All good words. All worthy goals. None are quite right yet.

I'm not sure if everyone is like me (I would hazard a guess they are not as that would be frightening!) but when I'm writing I wait for a certain kind of "resonance" or "knowing" when I see the right word. I put a lot of stock in finding the right words.

Before I get buried by possibilities, I guess I need to look around my life and identify something that isn't happening now that I want to have happen. It doesn't need to be something that is broken, maybe just something that I have ignored or given low priority.

How will my life be improved in 2010? Where will my greatest happiness lay? (or is that lie? never can remember). What will stretch and inspire me?

Maybe if I go about this in a roundabout way - if I imagine myself one year from today November 20th, 2010 - what do I want to see in myself?

I want to be healthy, happy, balanced, organized, rested, productive, empowered.

All that makes me feel a bit frenzied... oh, the pressure. Now here's a leap that makes sense to me (maybe not you, but bear with me) ... Tarry a While .... love that idea. That's the one!

I choose to tarry a while when it comes to living my life. I want to slow down, do things with ease and less intensity. When I am among those I love, I want to linger there. When I am reading, exercising, meditating, writing, I want to take my time and do it fully.

I am dissatisfied with the busy pace of my life these days. 2010 can be different if I hold on to the one phrase "Tarry a While". The idea of lingering is a delicious one to me. I can move with purpose and intent if I am taking my time. I can get ahead of issues that matter to me rather than reacting a tad too late.

I will surely still taxi kids from here to there, balance a busy schedule and crawl out from piles of laundry in 2010, but my commitment is to take each step and make each decision with some thoughtful, unhurried attention.

I will be able to relish my moments and honour myself. There it is; my goal for 2010 ... pull up a stool and tarry a while with me if you'd like.

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