Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting Mom Things I've Noticed

There really are some things that it pays to know ....

For example;

* Chuck E. Cheese's is quite tolerable at 10 am on a Monday morning. But hell on earth Saturday at 2pm.

* Yogurt can be spooned into those little popsicle thingies for a successful frozen yogurt treat.

* The little hand held rocket shooter from Target vastly outperforms the ball shooter from same store. (Note to user - do not shove the balls in too far)

* It is better when husbands are in the country.

* No matter how frequently I pick up things on the floor, someone (usually me) always finds something sharp and pokey to step on.

* It is probably wise to accept from day one that your children are smarter than you.

* Whoopie cushions break easily.

* You cannot keep a pool clean when it is sitting on grass.

* Toys really are better if they are bought with your own money.

* That frog in Lucas' hand really is the same one he had in the house earlier.

* Sunscreen and bug spray in one is the bomb.

* 95F is too hot.

* It is just easier to accept the application of sparkly lip gloss.

* Princess earrings also look smashing when clipped on the upper ear.

* It is just easier to take the tiara you are given.

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