Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was invited on Facebook to complete this exercise and pass it on ... thought I'd share here.

1. I am a Canadian living in the US and have been for 8 years.
2. I am the Mother to two Americans.
3. I wasn't much of a hockey fan when I lived in Canada, but now I love Hockey Night in Canada and watch it religiously.
4. I got my first gray hair when I was 23 and I blame my husband - I met him when I was 22.
5. I grew up being told I looked just like my Grandma - now I'm raising a daughter who will always be told she looks just like me.
6. Most people hate public speaking - I love it (but am out of practice).
7. I feel deeply inspired to help others.
8. I don't call myself a writer, yet I write all the time and can't seem to stop myself.
9. I live on a hill they call a mountain around here.
10. At the base of my mountain, the Scottsboro Boys were pulled off the train. (
11. No black people live on my mountain.
12. I am the baby of the family - one older brother, one older sister.
13. I grew up on a farm.
14. I only floss my teeth consistently when I know I've got a dentist appointment coming - luckily no cavities for years so I get away with it.
15. My kids amaze me all the time.
16. The internet is making me wonder how originality is ever going to exist again.
17. It is my goal to finish my daughter's baby book soon - I'm recruiting friends to help.
18. I gave birth to two 10 pound + babies.
19. I did it naturally.
20. My husband changed my life. (Okay, I did it after I met and married him).
21. For the majority of my life, I have had a cat. Twinkle, Dale, Static, Mumblee, Girl, Ella ... and numerous unnamed farm cats.
22. I could choose to feel like neither America nor Canada is home - I choose to feel like both are.
23. My favorite food is chocolate anything - but please don't mix weird things like orange or mint with it. Caramel is good.
24. I'm in constant contact with my parents now and feel like they live next door even though they are roughly 2,111 miles away. Web cam skype conversations coming soon.
25. I am proud of my brother and sister's lives. I am proud to be Auntie to their children.

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