Friday, December 5, 2008

Too Much Information

Craig had accumulated a bunch of air miles that were about to expire and we were given the option to convert these miles into magazine subscriptions - lots of subscriptions. So, needing to build up a library in the cabin, I worked my way through the exhaustive list and selected the ones that I thought we would enjoy.
I love the idea of filling a book shelf with current and fresh reading. Over 40,000 air miles convert to an awful lot of reading.

The first ones have just started to trickle in and I'm waiting for the deluge. Having a post box in town that handles most of our mail, I think our local carrier is going to be displeased. We will be moving from a scant customer to an overloaded one in less than a month.

He may not be the only one overloaded though. I'm wondering how I will manage the influx of new recipes, scary economic predictions and gossip. What will I do with all of this abundance? I plan to read a few, skim a lot and put some in the cabin untouched for a later date. Maybe as the weeks advance, I'll decide to leave more and more untouched. Will I get entirely too much information?

I scan the news on google regularly, I get email, I lurk on a few boards and I blog. Where am I going to mentally file more data? There isn't a lot of spare space up there between my ears when you consider how Mya and Lucas keep me hopping. Will I melt at some point due to overloaded circuits?

Picture this; Mya is screaming because I put her water in the wrong spot, Lucas is saying "you know what?" twenty-five times in a row before he goes on to explain how Rintu jumped over the rainbow and I'm what? Sitting in my cozy chair with my feet up while scanning Town and Country? I think not (as Mya has taken to saying lately).

Okay, it might have been a bit misguided to think that my life will support the luxury of magazine subscriptions. But one can always dream right? I guess there won't be any harm in reading the magazines of late 2008 in 2015.

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