Thursday, November 13, 2008

Strategy Session - November 15, 2008

I started living my life with form in 1995 - introduced to the idea in Strategic Coach sessions. Since then, I've molded this process of life assessment to suit me and I want to share it.

Warning; I started this structure in 1995, but my life remained messy until at least 1998. Three years of consistently aiming for an authentic, intentional life brought me one - eventually. Sorry, not likely to receive instant gratification here. This is the grind of living a grounded life.

Every three months for 13 years, I have asked myself four basic questions. I ask myself the questions, give truthful answers and then I act on what I know to be true.

  • What have I done in the last three months that is substantial, significant and memory-making?
  • What is undone, incomplete or problematic?
  • What does my life look like three years from today?
  • What projects and corresponding action steps have to happen next?
What's significant? What have I accomplished from August 15 to November 15, 2008?

- Mya's first time to school - big step for her and me!
- my own 6 hours per week which I filled with an organized approach to running the house and friendships
- LLL involvement - first home visit and I like it!
- weight loss - 12 pounds since my Chattanooga epiphany Sept 1st (post to come soon)
- integrity increased for healthy food choices - no more sugar
- Lucas's birthday party
- Mya weaned - huge milestone for both of us - I have my body back.
- Lucas's allowance program started (and working!)
- reading with Lucas at the next level
- the launch of this blog

What's undone? What needs attention in the next quarter?

- increase exercise time with attention to core strength - I've noticed my commitment to exercise has dropped with the pounds, feeling like I don't need it so badly anymore
- yoga - with Craig?
- Christmas shopping/cards
- cabin tasks completed
- will
- financial priorities discussion with Craig - where do we focus next? mtg? home improvement? more to kid's funds?
- move Lukey's blog to book
- green card app
- meeting local coaches and speakers
- building my bank of writing/seminars/ebooks

Three years from today? November 15, 2011

- 41 years old - my goal is to be 100% on track with my health and vitality in my 40s - strong!
- Lucas will be 8
- Mya will be 5
- both kids will be in school five days a week! hard to imagine
- likely we'll be in this house, kids going to public school
- earning my own income from home - working around a 20 hour week
- educating kids in an intentional way about living life, hands on, travel etc....
- this house improved to fit our needs - rec room
- 2 vehicles, both energy efficient
- aggressive saving so Craig can change industries by 2015 if he wants
- Craig and I are paying attention to us with dinners, dates and trips alone (meaning we have a great, reliable care system in place for the kids)

Next steps? My main projects from November 15 to February 15, 2009?
(I skipped all the action steps as they are too involved for this spot)

1) Finances
2) Christmas
3) Mya
4) Lucas
5) Health
6) Cabin
7) Mapping my Work

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